Tuesday, October 28, 2008


It was a role the aging lion earlier thought he would no longer perform. His two cubs were already members of the Craft fondly calling them Bro1 and Bro2 respectively such that he thought the need to do conferral roles again should now be left to the younger generation, whether as Solomon, a deacon or even a fellowcraft who man the gates which the Craft usually calls a ruffian.

But Bro2’s request sounded more than Webster’s definition of the word, it seemed more of an appeal that his patriarch gets down to the floor once more if only to recite the “charge” to Ferdie Garcia and Denver Langaman, another fellowcraft soon to be raised in their mother lodge whose entry to the Fraternity were derailed, one by a dreaded black cube and the other by a compulsory schooling at a police academy. Will the aging cat do it one last time to these candidates who have literally traveled the rough and rugged roads far longer than what were ordinarily required?

Lamely, the limping cat nodded (and you also would if you have but one leg to stand on), not only because of Ferdie whom the aging cat also liked but more so because it would also give the aging puma the chance to exhibit to his youngest cub how to portray roles during conferrals, that whatever part is assigned it should be performed as seriously as one would do, be it the role of Solomon, a ruffian or even menial tasks usually assigned elders like the proverbial “charge” (but not of the Light Brigade, dumdum).

The aging lion, who was as usual accompanied by the lion tamer arrived at the Temple at four in the afternoon at the precise time the lodge was in recess and after the usual pleasantries with the brethren at the Temple’s yard, promptly climbed the stairs and entered the lodge room. There he saw Bro2 examining the two candidates on their proficiency and noted that the trio are doing exactly what were expected of them. “Proficient”, the master and the lodge later chorused in unison!

Soon the conferral started and the aging cat noticed Bro2 performing the role of the senior deacon. So, the lion silently mused, these two roles were the underlying reasons why the young cub who is but five months a master mason wanted his lifetime mentor to be around. Invariably, the small pieces of advice the old cat has been feeding his two cubs ever since both donned their white lapel apron are now being put to the test and what better evaluation test is available other than to have the old lion to witness how he will do it?! Both have decided to be active during conferrals, the eldest at his mother lodge in 181 while the youngest where the old cat was raised a master mason at 122.

The roles of examiner and SD were performed by the young cub satisfactorily, and it turned out he still has another part to perform, that of guarding the third gate where the impostors of Hiram Abif are to pass. And he did it with aplomb, although for the purpose of this article, it could not be narrated as the experiences are only worth retelling during the hours of fellowship that usually last later than midnight and with the recipients enjoying the tales more than the kibitzers and even those of the ruffians. Also, the pivotal roles of the three lights during the first section were satisfactory performed by the lodge’ three lights namely WM Omar Equiza and Bros. Alden Bait and Godo Velarde, while the role of Solomon were alternated by VW Louie Reyes and WB Rogelio “Junjun“ Gevero and in addition the ageless VW Louie completing the task by giving the 3rd degree lecture to complete the task. VW Alan Bontuyan, an honorary member of the lodge was also there tending to the sounds and acting the cameo role of conferral secretary during the Craft’s roll call.

And what the heck happened to the old cat who delivered the “charge?”

Ay sus! But this article is not about the aging lion but about the road wherewith beers are made the scapegoats why the brethren usually get home drunk!

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