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MASONRY’S BASIC PHILOSOPHY Readers of the article “A HANDY GUIDE ON THE QUEST FOR MASONIC LIGHT” learned that six topics are involved in the study of the Craft. The first, which is labeled as “Rituals” need no elaboration as it merely involves memory work and nothing else. The second of course is called “philosophy” and will therefore be the subject of this article. I. Philosophy’s Simplest Definition Freemasonry has a myriad of philosophies, and no wonder, it involves and entire system of morality. But its basic theme involves man, his soul and his longing to reunite with his Maker. Let this writer now elaborate. In simplest terms,. philosophy is synonymous to belief, way of life, set of values, or thinking that governs mankind. But Masonry’s philosophy transcends all these because when viewed on the higher plane, it gets straight to the longing of the creature to return to his Creator when his time to “pass his papers” has finally arrived. The final equation therefore is that “man wi


I. INTRODUCTION A dilemma that undeniably confronts all newly-raised master masons is the admonition which is contained in the third degree “charge” that says: “As a master mason, you are authorized to correct the irregularities of your less-informed brethren, to fortify their minds with resolution against the snares of the insidious, and to guard them against every allurement to vicious practices.” Fine, a caution so eloquently phrased, but how is he expected to do it? More so if he became a master mason via the one-day conferral of the three degrees!! And so, it may be necessary to briefly look back and assess the situation. Still smarting from the bruises that he acquired while traveling the rough and rugged road (not on the one-day conferral though) but nonetheless feeling the euphoria of recently being elevated to the elite rank of master masons, and most probably also still tipsy at the recently-concluded fellowship that usually follow every raising ceremony, the newly-raised bro


Non-masons who attend the Craft’s installation ceremonies are invariably puzzled and attracted at the presence of a Holy Bible at the altar. More so if a Holy Quran is also placed beside it. Which generally strike them in wonderment and awe saying “What kind of religious organization is this?” Before I tackle that question, allow me first to comment on all the objects atop the altar.. These comprise the “Three Great Lights of Masonry”, although at times the items are not only three but four; namely, the Holy Bible, the Square, the Compasses, and a Holy Quran. Curiously, this modified phrase has existed for several centuries already but it seemed our ancient brethren did not mind the difference, so the word “Bible” has remained unchanged although it should have been modified long ago. For the purpose of this article therefore, let me focus on the phrase “The Holy Bible.”, and more specifically, the King James Version to expound on the theme of this article.. THE HOLY BIBLE The Holy Bibl


It was a role the aging lion earlier thought he would no longer perform. His two cubs were already members of the Craft fondly calling them Bro1 and Bro2 respectively such that he thought the need to do conferral roles again should now be left to the younger generation, whether as Solomon, a deacon or even a fellowcraft who man the gates which the Craft usually calls a ruffian. But Bro2’s request sounded more than Webster’s definition of the word, it seemed more of an appeal that his patriarch gets down to the floor once more if only to recite the “charge” to Ferdie Garcia and Denver Langaman, another fellowcraft soon to be raised in their mother lodge whose entry to the Fraternity were derailed, one by a dreaded black cube and the other by a compulsory schooling at a police academy. Will the aging cat do it one last time to these candidates who have literally traveled the rough and rugged roads far longer than what were ordinarily required? Lamely, the limping cat nodded (and you also


(Short talk delivered to the brethren of Laong Laan Lodge No. 185 on October 4, 2008 Worshipful Master Danny Gutierrez, VW Reuben Ganaden, other dignitarties in the East, brethren. First allow me to sit before I deliver this short speech this task that was assigned to me. Immediately after the start of this stated meeting, our Worshipful Master called my attention requesting me to deliver a short talk on the topic “Obligations” for the benefit of the members and that I can do it after the balloting of a candidate to give me time to think of what I have to say to you. Quite frankly, I can only nod my head for as we all know, the word of the master is law and that even if it was said in the guise of a request, it is still an order in itself and none but a stubborn brother would dare refuse this kind of assignment.. Which makes this limping cat wonder. What specific topic on obligation would the brethren probably like to hear? I figure it


(Short talk delivered at the raising ceremony held on June 14, 2008 at Quezon City Lodge No. 122) Indeed, all of us are already hungry but this short discourse will only take a few minutes. Nineteen years ago this month, in this lodge and on the same second Saturday, well, except that the date was June 10 instead of June 14, a similar raising ceremony involving three fellowcrafts was held on this checkered floor. Let me tell you about it. The three lights that comprised the conferral team were composed of Bros. Eluderio Salvo, Jose Lustre and Saul Exmundo, sitting in the East, West and South, respectively. Bro. Salvo was already Junior Warden in 1972 when martial law was declared. Incensed however, at what he believed was a passive attitude of the Fraternity for not taking an adversarial stand against the Marcos dictatorship, he vowed he will not attend lodge meetings until martial law is lifted and made good his word but dutifully paid h