Monday, March 10, 2008

MILESTONE- A priceless gift

The text message that the aging cat received from his youngest cub reads:

“Fair in the South, clear in the West, and bright in the East.”

Instinctively, he replied:

“Congrats. Pwede ka ng mabugbog ng Kuya. mo”, which when translated loosely means, “Congrats, your elder brother may now beat you black and blue!”

Other exchanges of text messages followed, but these no longer mattered, both knew it was the best gift the youngest cub could ever give to his ailing dad!!

Note: The cub petitioned at Quezon City Lodge No. 122, the aging lion’s mother lodge.


Rod Adricula of Sierra Madre No.181 said...

congrats to the aging lion for receiving the best award a mason can receive. it means you have been the best lion, worthy of their emulation.
Rod A. Adricula

Mario Baylon, Jr. of Australia said...

Bro Jun,
Congratulations to your youngest son on this very important milestone in his life.
Also congratulations to you for setting a good example that your sons find it important and necessary to join the Craft. That says a good deal about our craft and your example.
Kuya Mario Baylon Jr

Kuyang Jun, Can you also email me your contact cell phone for the door to door donation, as I promised.

Tony Limpoco said...

Someone once exclaimed :

"I honor the father for what the son has become and not the son for the father.."

I am glad the waiting is over, another DeMolay Masons eh? I supposed these brats do invade the craft if given the chance to multiply..

Well, we had fine Dad Masons to thank for that.

Congratulations Dad..

Earl Albert Hart said...

Bro. Jun,
What a wonderful day March 8th was! I cannot
imagine any greater feeling than having two sons
following in their worth father's footsteps in
Masonry. My heartfelt congratulations to all of you!

Gus Alvarez said...

Congratulations, VW Sir! Nakakainggit ka!

Gus Alvarez said...


Nakakinggit talaga ikaw. It just goes to show na maganda ang naipunla at naging bunga nito. Last Christmas I was with the family in Dumaguete kasi and unfortunately (in terms of my Quezon City Masonic obligations), I will again be in Dumaguete this summer since my partner, Margie , is leaving for Japan for further studies. Currently, she is the Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Silliman. Ako yung magiging taong bahay and will have to look after my Pa-in-Law who is medyo may edad na. My two boys are both in high school pa lang and syempre, medyo kailangan ng close watching sa choices ng kanilang mga barkada. So far, wala kami problema sa kanila but you know very well the influence of peers.

I hope and pray to the GAOTU that He will continue to keep you in His care and you are doing well. Bilib ako the way you face your challenges kasi nandyan pa rin talaga ang sharing mo of your beautiful insights and knowledge.

More power to you and CONGRATS again!


"The measure of one's wealth is not by how much he makes but by how much he saves"

Gus E. Alvarez